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This is the official documentation tree of the PASTA data repository software. The PASTA software and related contents is owned and maintained by the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI). PASTA is a service oriented software system written in Java and uses Java Servlet containers for REST web-services. Services can be deployed on separate servers for performance or deployed onto a single server for simplicity, testing, and development. Deployments have been tested on Linux, OS X, and Windows. EDI utilizes PASTA in its operation of the EDI data repository.

Documentation is divided into the following categories:

  1. About: A short history of the PASTA+ data repository software and how it is being used in EDI’s production environment.

  2. Repository Design: Design documentation of the PASTA+ data repository software.

  3. Standard Operating Procedures: Procedures for the general operation of the EDI data repository using the PASTA+ data repostiory software.

  4. REST API: Documentation for the PASTA+ API and general information and suggestions for software developers who would like to build an application that interacts with the PASTA+ API.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions: A list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers about the EDI Data Repository and PASTA+ data repository software.