Repository Design

PASTA+ is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design pattern: primary application components operate within the context of their own servers and communicate between one another using REST web-service network communications.

There are four primary services within the PASTA+ framework: 1) Audit Manager, 2) Data Package Manager, 3) Gatekeeper, and 4) Solr. The Audit Manager service provides logging capabilities to all internal services, as well as a user API for accessing audit logs. The Data Package Manager service provides core management of all repository data packages (science metadata, data, and ancillary objects), including upload, arhcive, dowload, and quality evaluation. The Data Package Manager API is extensive and provides users with the ability to manage all aspects of their data within the repository. The Gatekeeper service is a reverse proxy that forwards all requests to one of PASTA+’s internal services. In addition, the Gatekeeper performs request-based authentication using either user provided credentials or a short-lived authentication token. The Gatekeeper does not have a user API. The Solr service is standard deployment of Apache Solr and indexes all science metadata for search purposes. The Solr service does not provide a user facing API, but is instead accessed through the Data Package Manager search API.


Locally developed PASTA+ services (excluding Apache Solr) are written in Java and expose their REST web-service interface through either Tomcat or Jetty servlet web-interfaces.